The eagerly anticipated launch of Counter-Strike 2 is here, marking the conclusion of its Limited Test phase and opening the doors to everyone on Steam, all without any cost.

    If you’re a CS:GO enthusiast, expect an automatic update that transforms your game into CS2. For those new to CS or those who’ve uninstalled CS:GO, simply head to the Counter-Strike 2 Steam page for a free download.

    Existing CS:GO players can breathe easy, as all your in-game progress and acquired cosmetics will seamlessly transfer to CS2, ensuring nothing you’ve invested in is lost.

    While technically an upgrade from CS:GO, this release signifies the dawn of a fresh Counter-Strike era. The game engine has received a significant overhaul, resulting in a noticeably different gameplay experience. Among the standout changes is the revamped smoke grenade physics, capable of filling spaces and being dispersed by HE grenades, poised to become a pivotal strategy in high-level play.

    With these engine enhancements comes an increased demand on your computer’s capabilities to run CS2. If you’re using an older PC, you may encounter performance challenges. However, even players with high-end machines reported performance issues during the Limited Test phase, leaving uncertainty about their resolution in the full release.

    Some players have voiced concerns about the new sub-tick servers designed to improve upon CS:GO’s 64 tick servers. The new system, which tracks inputs between server ticks, has left some feeling that movement and shooting can occasionally feel off.

    While the release of CS2 arrives slightly later than initially expected, Valve still managed to hit the teased launch date, contrary to speculation.

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    The bittersweet aspect of this news is the end of CS:GO’s era, as it becomes unplayable for most. The professional scene will conclude any ongoing tournaments, like the ESL Pro League, in CS:GO before retiring it in favor of CS2 as the primary competitive game. CS:GO has cemented itself as one of the greatest games of all time, boasting a massive competitive scene that reshaped the esports industry—a legacy that will endure


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