Explaining the idea behind Fight Crab might seem unnecessary because, well, it’s all there in the name. It’s a video game where crabs fight each other. The big crabs in the game left a strong impression, and the company that made the game, Calappa Games, wanted to make another one. So, they’re making Fight Crab 2. If you’re worried about making crabs fight, don’t worry. In the new game, they’re adding humans to the mix, so you can watch the funny announcement video without feeling bad.

    Fight Crab 2 new

    In this new game, just like in the previous one, the crabs have really big human weapons. Think about huge axes, old-timey shields, and really big swords like the ones in Berserk. These crabs can do all sorts of things – they can even drive vehicles and use jet boosters. And like big monsters from movies, they can use special magic spells, like shooting lasers from their cute little eyes. This time, you can give your crab more than 40 different skills to use.

    The most exciting part about the sequel is that you can now play as humans too (I’d really love to see a moment like in Titanfall where the crabs drop into battle, but that might just be a dream). I think playing as the smaller humans makes the fights look even bigger and more epic. Also, the first game was inspired by Dark Souls, and you’ll notice that even more in the new game when you, a little human, fight against huge crab titans.

    A person named Nate Crowley, who wrote about games, said the first game was a perfect joke and a true way of showing love for crabs. But the way you control the game made it not as good of a fighting game. To fix that, the new game will have a different way of controlling the crabs that’s more like other action games you might know.

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    Fight Crab 2 is made by the same company that made other crab games like Ace Of Seafood and Neo Aquarium: The King Of Crustaceans. They decided to make the sequel because the people at the company wanted “even more people to play with my crabs!” I guess that’s a good reason to do something.

    The plan is to release Fight Crab 2 on Steam early next winter. You’ll be able to play a mode where you follow a story, and you can also play with friends locally or online. If you’re going to PAX West, you can try the game there too from September 1st to September 4th.


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