If your TV has a bunch of messy wires at the back from game consoles, speakers, cable boxes, or streaming devices, LG has a solution. They made a new TV that’s wireless, which means no more messy cables.

    But this convenience comes with a cost.

    The new TV is called OLED M. It’s really big, 97 inches wide also the biggest OLED TV in the world. The back of this TV has almost no cables, except for one power cord. And since the cord is hidden in the stand, we can say the TV is “wireless.”

    Screen Shot 2023 08 18 at 16.12.50

    All the other connections happen through something called a “Zero Connect Box.” This box takes your devices and sends the content wirelessly to the TV, in really good quality (4K and 120Hz).

    The Zero Connect Box has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, internet, and a slot for audio. The TV itself has good sound quality (Dolby Atmos audio), great picture quality (Dolby Vision HDR), and it works well for gaming (G-Sync).

    Your devices can be up to 30 feet away from the TV. This means they don’t need to be right under the TV. The box figures out the best way to send the content and has a special antenna that you can adjust to point at the TV.

    Now, let’s talk about the price. This TV will start selling in the UK in September for £27,999.99 (which is about $35,000 USD). If that’s too expensive, there’s a smaller 83-inch version for £7,999.99 ($10,000 USD), and an even smaller 77-inch version for £5,999.99 ($7,600 USD).

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    LG showed this new TV at CES, a big tech event. People who saw it said the wireless part worked really well. Another company called Displace also made a wireless TV, but it’s smaller (55 inches wide) and costs $2,999.

    We’re not sure yet when the TV will be available in the US or how much it will cost there. But LG said the big 97-inch version will be on sale later this year.


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