It’s time to say goodbye to the PlayStation 5 because it looks like the PlayStation 6 might be closer than we imagined. This information comes from papers that show Sony is already working on the next PlayStation. Things are always changing, even though my wallet wishes they would slow down.

    playstation 6 concept rendering
    Playstation 6 Concept

    Let’s quickly look at the past PlayStation consoles. Usually, there’s about five to seven years between them. The PS2 came out about five years after the first PlayStation, the PS3 came out around six and a half years after the PS2, and the PS4 was released seven years after the PS3… which is the same time between the PS4 and PS5.

    If we think we’ll wait about seven or maybe eight years for the next console, that would mean the PlayStation 6 might arrive in 2028 at the earliest.

    But there are official papers from a court fight between Sony and Microsoft about Activision Blizzard that suggest the next PlayStation could come in 2027. On page 8 of the 22-page document, Sony says that Microsoft wanted to have games on PlayStation until 2027.

    Sony PS4 DualShock controller
    Photo by Taylor R on Unsplash

    The document also says: “When Sony launches the next PlayStation (which will probably happen around [redacted]), it won’t have games like Call of Duty from Activision. This could make it easier for people to switch to other consoles, and Sony might lose its competitiveness.”

    The exact year for the PS6 release is hidden in the document, but it’s not hard to guess that the PlayStation 6 might come out around 2027 or 2028.

    But that’s still far away. For now, we should keep an eye out for the PlayStation 5 Slim and PlayStation 5 Pro. Sony will probably release these in the next few years to get more money from us while they finish making the PlayStation 6.

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