Now you can use ChatGPT on your mobile phone to browse the internet. Before, ChatGPT couldn’t show information from after 2021. Read also if Turnitin detect ChatGPT result.

    But in May, ChatGPT said it would use Microsoft Bing to get internet information. Now, this works on mobile too. On Tuesday, ChatGPT made its ChatGPT iOS app better. The biggest change is that people who pay for ChatGPT Plus can use Bing for browsing in the app.

    To do this, Plus users need to go to “new features” in their app settings, choose GPT-4, and pick “Browse with Bing.” This is what the company said.

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    Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

    Only people who pay for ChatGPT Plus on mobile can use this feature right now. Even on computers, only Plus users can use Bing for browsing.

    When ChatGPT first said it was working with Microsoft, the company told people who don’t pay that they will get this feature for free soon. They just need to add a plugin to get Bing on ChatGPT.

    Another change is that searching is better on mobile. Now, when you tap on a search result, you’ll go to that part of the talk.

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